Royal London Hospital 2009-10

Exhibition for the Royal London Hospital Gallery. ‘Then and Now (Royal London Hospital)’ 2009 by Oona Culley. Acrylic on 9 panels, 120cm x total length 31metres. Images of trees currently growing in the hospital grounds are echoed in the background of the paintings by faded trees from archive photographs of the hospital. Commissioned by Vital Arts Art Consultants.

oona-culley-royal-london-hospital.01 oona-culley-royal-london-hospital.02 oona-culley-royal-london-hospital.03 oona-culley-royal-london-hospital.04 oona-culley-royal-london-hospital.05 oona-culley-royal-london-hospital.06 oona-culley-royal-london-hospital.07 oona-culley-royal-london-hospital.08 oona-culley-royal-london-hospital.09 oona-culley-royal-london-hospital.10

Commission for surgeon’s sitting room at the Royal London Hospital. ‘Time Present and Time Past (Royal London Hospital)’ 2010 by Oona Culley. Acrylic on 3 panels, H122xW250cm. Commissioned by Vital Arts Art Consultants.

oona-culley-royal-london-hospital.11 oona-culley-royal-london-hospital.12 oona-culley-royal-london-hospital.13