Oxford University ROQ 2013

Commission for New Radcliffe House (Hawkins\Brown Architects) at the University of Oxford’s Radcliffe Observatory Quarter (ROQ). ‘Branching Forms’ 2013 by Oona Culley. Cut vinyl film on glazing and walls.

oona-culley-oxford-radcliffe.01 oona-culley-oxford-radcliffe.02 oona-culley-oxford-radcliffe.03 oona-culley-oxford-radcliffe.04 oona-culley-oxford-radcliffe.05 oona-culley-oxford-radcliffe.06 oona-culley-oxford-radcliffe.07 oona-culley-oxford-radcliffe.08 oona-culley-oxford-radcliffe.09 oona-culley-oxford-radcliffe.10 oona-culley-oxford-radcliffe.11 oona-culley-oxford-radcliffe.12

Oona Culley’s artwork ‘Branching Forms’ can be seen on the exterior glazing of the main entrance of New Radcliffe House extending inside the building in areas accessible to the community. The artwork is informed by both the historic context of the site as the original location of the Radcliffe Infirmary, and its present function as a home for GP surgeries and the University’s Department of Primary Care Health Sciences.

Culley’s artwork draws on the restorative powers of nature, visually connecting the natural landscape outside the building with the interior landscape of the human body. The artist comments, ‘Looking at the delicate network structure of tree branches I noticed a visual echo with the branching structures of blood vessels and neurons within our own bodies. I became interested in incorporating the shapes of branching structures of the human anatomy into the landscape design.’

Photography by Steve Hines, Rob Judges and Oona Culley.